Make it your own!

Why Salon Block?

Salon Suite renters

make more money!


The salon suite industry is growing rapidly and for good reason, salon suite renters make more money and enjoy more flexibility! This concept allows you to start your own salon business with minimal cost, no long term lease, employees, maintenance, utilities and hassles that keep you from focusing on your business.

Keep 100% of your profits
Work your own hours
Set your own prices
Sell your preferred products

Let the numbers tell the story!

Weekly styling sales $2,000
Weekly product sales 200
Earned 50% sales 1,000
Earned 10% of products 20
Weekly earnings total 1,020
Average monthly income 4,080
Average Yearly Income $48,960
Suite Rental
Weekly styling sales $2,000
Weekly product sales 200
Suite rent 200
Cost of product 120
Weekly earnings total 1,880
Average monthly income 7,520
Average yearly Income $90,240

About Our Suites


Our suites are designed and built to optimize comfort and functionality for our beauty professionals.

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Make it your own!

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Customize Your Suite

Suites can be tailored to meet any beauty professional's needs.

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Ready to have the freedom to concentrate on your business?

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