About Our Suites

Our suites are designed and built to optimize comfort and functionality for our beauty professionals. Suites can be tailored to meet any beauty professionals needs.


Our Suites Feature:

Reasonable suite rental cost starts at $100.00 per week

Average suite size is 10’x12’ or 120 sq. ft

Full glass doors and locking lever sets are standard on all suites

Large countertop with wash bowl, tool organizer, drawer bases and product tower

Open and closed ceilings, depending on location

Sound insulated walls and ceilings

Coin operated laundry and Kitchenette, depending on location

All-purpose styling chair included in each suite

Numerous waiting areas for clients

All utilities [water, sewer, electric, gas, trash] are included

WiFi provided for stylists and their clients

Secure and monitored premises

Large, illuminated parking lot

Windows suites are available

Ready to have the freedom to concentrate on your business?

Salon Block Suites